The prostenant reformation

 The prostenant reformation Article


Part 15 -- Survey of World Hist From truck Section 304 Spring Session 2014

Part 15

The Protestant Reformation

Until 1054 there was one particular main physique known as the " Church” within Christianity. After that came the actual Great Schism of 1054

(not to be confused with the fantastic Western Schism of 1378)

The capital with the " Roman” Empire was moved to Byzantium The Emperor Constantine had the city named New Rome.

Eventually the city became called Constantinople.

The bishop of Rome was viewed as the leader of the " church” by now. The bishop of Byzantium was viewed by many while the new innovator. Now there was a competition between the Patriarch inside the east and the Pope in the west for dominance over Christianity.

This competition was merely one of the decadence that came in to the church After that financial, meaning, political, and traditional decadence came to the church Indulgences


Usury, simony (position purchases)

nepotism, pluralism, land taking

Matn Luther – was born in Saxony (now central Germany)

was ordained as a Catholic priest in 1507

was professor of theology from 1511-1546, on the University of Wittenberg his reputation like a biblical scholar spread through his career could not deal with sins, admission, and the tranquility of Goodness

was disrupted by Tetzel's work of selling " indulgences” to boost money pertaining to repairing Saint Peter's Basilica developed his view that " the needed shall live by faith”

submitted ninety five points of critique against the house of worship on April. 31, 1517 The 96 Theses

supported marriage to get the clergy

This is often marked as the state start of the Simple Reformation Luther was condemned and excommunicated by Pope Leo By

Luther was then summoned by HRE Charles Versus at the Diet of Viruses in 1521 Luther refused to recant

He had to become escorted residence by protect

His teachings spread and the Luther Cathedral was formed.

This is the initially the main destroys from the Roman Catholic Cathedral



Phase 15 - Survey of World Hist From truck Section 304 Spring Term 2014

David Calvin was another Simple reformer

Calvin also declined many of the Roman Catholic traditions including: baptism


Calvin regarded only the Bible because the sole specialist for any Christian believers Calvin's key difference by Luther was his concept of " predestination” Ulrich Zwingli also trained justification by faith

Zwingli also belittled baptism and communion as only emblematic Zwingli compared with celibacy from the priesthood

Ruben Wycliff (an earlier reformer) produced 18 theses against the Roman Catholic Church, among other performs Wycliff published against clerical/papal abuse of land and money He was against the sacrament of transubstantiation

Wycliffe's followers became known as the Lollards

Ruben Huss – Hussites

The English Puritans

The French Huguenots

The Church of England (The Anglican Church)

Cast – Starring:

King Holly VII


King Holly VIII

Catherine of Aragon


Anne Boleyn

At the

HRE Charles V

Archbishop of Canterbury

Thomas Cramner

Act of Supremacy

Pere Clement VII

Pope Paul III

Edward cullen VI

Her Seymour



Great Head in the Church of England.



Chapter 12-15 - Study of World Hist Via 1500 Section 304 Early spring Semester 2014

The Table Reformation

The Roman Catholic Church wanted to stop the spread of Protestantism Popes did not need to submit to pressures to reform

Sooner or later Pope Paul III known as the council of Trent, Italy, from 1545 A number of the doctrines which were attacked by Reformers had been upheld and redefined Better education and discipline was encouraged by for the priesthood The Society of Jesus, and also the Jesuits, was started by simply Ignatius Loyola This group was installation like a armed service order, yet functioned like missionaries Jesuits built new...


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