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 te whariki Essay

Te Whaariki and its relationship with educating and learning practices for the children in an Early Childhood Education(ECE) Services

In my statement I will be demonstrating my knowledge of the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum which is Te Whaariki: He Whariki Matauranga mo nga Mokopuna o Aotearoa. It was launched in 1980 by Sue May and Margret Carr and was published in 1996 for a lot of early years as a child education in New Zealand. Te Whaariki is a subjects guideline pertaining to teachers and educators in an early childhood services to train and follow the learning program for children older birth till five years old. (Ministry of Education, 1996)

According to Te Whaariki, it is a weaved mat to aspire the learners to become confident students, thinking that there is a place and are actively involved with their larger surroundings mentioned previously in Te Whaariki that their perspective for children is definitely " to grow as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthier in mind, body and heart, secure in their sense of belonging and secure inside the knowledge that they make a highly valued contribution to society”. (Ministry of Education, 1996. g. 9).

However , the Te Whaariki curriculum provides the teachers and educators within an early the child years service to create a programme that is depending on the advantages and needs of the children, knowledge of the child development and an understanding of how kids learn. Since quoted in the Te Whariki, " the term " curriculum” is used through this document to describe the final amount of the experience, activities, and events, whether detect and indirect, which will occur inside an environment made to foster kids learning and development”. (Ministry of Education, 1996. L. 10). Such as if the child begin to develop interest in knowledge of letters and numbers then your early years as a child teachers or maybe the educators can easily talk with kids about words and amounts as they come up naturally inside the child's perform, display various print elements, read to children frequently , make various drawing and writing materials available in activity areas. Therefore , the educators or educators should make fun, learning activities and environment to get the children.

The Te Whaariki is divided into 4 main parts:

Part A is an introduction which points out the purpose of Te Whāriki and describes the roles, duties and proper care of early years as a child services in New Zealand. Part N is discussing the guidelines to get kohanga acusado and Maori programs and shows the importance of Te Reo (maori language) because it is written in Te Convicto. Part C is discussing the principles, hair strands and desired goals of the early on childhood curriculum and how that they enable children to achieve and learn and points out how the principles, strands and goals are linked together. Part Deb tells about the New Zealand framework intended for early child years which traces essential expertise, learning areas, values and attitudes and shows that they are linked to the principles in Te Whāriki. (Ministry of Education, 1996).

In the Te Whāriki there are 4 main Principles which are: Empowerment is about encouraging children for making their own alternatives and decisions. Holistic Development is about how children develop.

As well as Community is a importance of relating family and traditions into the center and relating it to a child's learning is explored. It points out how relatives input in a centre is important because it permits them to know about their child's learning. Romantic relationship is about just how children master through human relationships with people, objects and their environment. It discusses how children learn through communication as well as how to encourage kids to learn. (Ministry of Education, 1996. s. 14).

The five strands of Te Whaariki will be:

Wellbeing which usually focuses on the health of a child and ensures that youngsters are nurtured and protected. Belonging is about children and their families feeling a sense of belonging so that kids and family members feel comfortable within a...

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