Pageants Dissertation

Monica Murray

Ms. Minguez

Comp 1

April of sixteen, 2013

Child Pageants will be Exploitive

Like anything, you will find pros and cons to Child Pageants. Personally, I think they are wrong. The kids have to wear makeup at an early age, they get from their years as a child, the pageants are entirely judged in looks, and the costs will be outrageous. The rebuttal is that pageants are meant to promote self assurance and be fun.

Makeup utilization was intended for adults. When these types of young girls are getting ready for the pageant, they focus and stress more than their appearance, which can be actually harmful. A kid should not stress more than anything from a young age. Kids deserve the chance to become an innocent child rather than stressing more than their appearance.

These pageants have life from other childhood. Youngsters should be running around playing, climate its playing a sport, playing outdoors on a recreation space, or just at home. The " getting ready” process for the contest is immensely hectic even for an adult; from the curly hair, make-up, and dresses. A lot of parents possibly push their children as far as apply tans, false eyelashes, false nails, and even sometimes dentures called, " flippers”. When young girls happen to be worrying about in case their eyelashes will be long enough or if their cosmetic is just best, they have no time to be carefree like youngsters should be able to.

Pageants are exclusively judged on the looks and exterior beauty of those children. Should not a person be evaluated on their inner beauty and personality? When a child doesn't place in a competition, wouldn't that lower self-assurance more so than them gaining it? When young girls emphasis their period on producing their outward appearance look better, they get time far from strengthening all their personality and education.

The costs for anyone pageants are incredibly expensive. " A glitz pageant half a dozen times a year can easily run $10, 000” ( Consider it, if a father or mother puts back $10, 1000 a year...


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