Annotation of Freud

 Annotation of Freud Article


Alludes to Hamlet the most

Alludes to time-honored greek and roman literature rather than the german language authors

Many of these are to Sophocloes' Oedipus

Almost never cites sources or means them

Alludes to classics so that his theories can be viewed as timeless and universal

Preconscious for Freud to go to performs he read as a child, however it is very usefull to him.

Through each of the allusion it is obvious that literature can be described as major part of his thought process, not solely an object of interrogation. Possibly coming from sources beyone the control over his conscious.

CHAPTER you, Section L

H. The Relation between Dreams and Mental Conditions

When we speak of the relation of dreams to mental derangement, we may mean three different things: (1) aetiological and clinical contact, as if a dream represents or starts a psychotic condition, or perhaps occurs subsequently to this sort of a condition; (2) changes that the dream-life goes through in cases of mental disease; (3) inner associations between dreams and psychoses, analogies which will point to a romantic relationship. These manifold relationships between the two series of tendency were inside the early days of medical science- and are once more at the present time- a favourite theme of medical copy writers, as we may well learn from the literature about them collated by Spitta, Radestock, Maury, and Tissie. Recently Sante para Sanctis features directed his attention to this kind of relationship. 5. For the purposes of our discussion it is going to suffice simply to glance at this significant subject.

5. Among the most recent authors that have occupied themselves with these kinds of relations are: Fere, Ideler, Lasegue, Palomino, Regis Vespa, Giessler, Kazodowsky, Pachantoni, and more.

As to the clinical and aetiological relations among dreams and the psychoses, I will report this observations while examples: Hohnbaum asserts (see Krauss) the fact that first harm of madness is frequently linked with a terrifying anxiety-dream, and the predominating idea is related to this dream. Sante de Sanctis adduces similar observations in respect of paranoiacs, and declares the dream to become, in some of which, " la vraie trigger determinante de la folie. " * The psychosis may come to life quite suddenly, concurrently with the desire that contains the effective and delusive explanation, or it may well develop little by little through following dreams which have still to struggle against doubt. In a single of de Sanctis's circumstances an intensively moving desire was combined with slight hysterical attacks, which, in their convert, were then an restless melancholic condition. Fere (cited by Tissie) refers to a dream which was accompanied by hysterical paralysis. Here the dream is usually presented because the aetiology of mental derangement, even though we should be producing a statement evenly consistent with the facts were we to say the fact that first manifestation of the mental derangement took place in the dream-life, that the disorder first shattered through inside the dream. In other instances, the morbid symptoms are within the dream-life, or the psychosis is still confined to the dream-life. Therefore Thomayer telephone calls our focus on anxiety-dreams which will must be developed as the equivalent of epileptic disorders. Allison has described situations of night time insanity (see Radestock), in which the subjects happen to be apparently perfectly well in the day-time, while hallucinations, fits of frenzy, and the like regularly generate their appearance at night. De Sanctis and Tissie record identical observations (the equivalent of any paranoic fantasy in an alcoholic, voices accusing a better half of infidelity). Tissie records many findings of the latest date through which behaviour of a pathological persona (based in delusory ideas, obsessive impulses) had their particular origin in dreams. Guislain describes an instance in which sleep was replaced by an intermittent madness.

* The real determining cause of the chaos.

We cannot doubt that one day the physician can concern himself not only with all the psychology, although also...


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