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 Management Information System Composition


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1 (a)

Define Managing Information Program? How it is important for an organization? Explain. 1-4

1 (b)

Define Program. What are the various types of Systems? Describe with cases. 5-6


List and explain all types of business details systems.



In brief the listed below terminology with an example

my spouse and i. Data Factory

ii. Data Mining

3. On-line Inductive Processing (OLAP)

iv. Open Database Online connectivity (ODBC)


5 (b)

List and briefly make clear the three standard of Decision Support System technology. 28

your five (c)

List down th stepd on how Decision Support Product is developed. 28-30

5 (d)

Briefly Describe


ii. EIS


6th (a)

Explain with example the stage in System Development Lifestyle Cycle 35-36

6 (b)

How Quick Application Development (RAD) may system expansion in an organization? 37-38



Problem 1

a. Define Management Information System? How it is crucial for a business? Explain. Definition: Management Data Systems (MIS) is the term given to the discipline focused on the integration of computer systems with all the aims and objectives with an organisation. The development and administration of information technology tools aids executives plus the general workforce in executing any duties related to the processing of information. MIS and business devices are especially useful in the souper of organization data as well as the production of reports to be used as tools for decision making. Devices (MIS), will be information systems, typically laptop based, that are used within an firm. WordNet defined an information system as a system consisting of the network of communication stations used within the organization. Pieces that collect, manipulate, and disseminate info or details, people, sales and marketing communications systems such as telephone lines, and the info itself. The actions involved incorporate inputting info, processing of data into info, storage of data and details, and the production of outputs such as managing reports. Decision Support Systems, Expert Systems, and Professional Information Devices. (MIS) Some type of computer system, generally based on a mainframe or perhaps minicomputer, built to provide administration personnel with up-to-date information on an organisation's performance, at the. g. products on hand and sales. These systems output information in a kind that is useable by managers at all amount organisation: tactical, tactical, and operational. The definition of system in MIS signifies order, set up and goal. The information can be used for different purposes: proper planning

delivering increased production

reducing support cycles

lowering product development cycles

reducing advertising life cycles

increasing the understanding of consumers' needs

assisting business and process re-engineering

Applications of LOS

With computers getting as ubiquitous as they are today, there's hardly any large business that does not count extensively on the IT systems. However , there are lots of specific areas in which LOS has become priceless.

Approach Support

While computers cannot make business strategies by themselves they will assist management in understanding the effects of their approaches, and help enable effective decision-making. MIS devices can be used to convert data in information helpful for decision making. Computers can provide economic statements and gratification reports to aid in the organizing, monitoring and implementation of strategy. LOS systems supply a valuable function in that they will collate in coherent reviews unmanageable volumes of data that might otherwise be broadly ineffective to decision makers. Simply by studying these kinds of reports decision-makers can recognize patterns and trends that might have remained unseen in case the raw data were conferred with manually. LOS systems can also use these raw info to run ruse – hypothetical scenarios that answer a number of ‘what...


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