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Growth and Development Milestones

August 2013

NRSG 206

Growth and Development Milestones

Infant (1-12 months)

Physical Growth: All major systems go through progressive growth. Growth is very rapid through the first yr, especially the initial 6 months. Newborns gain 5-7 oz . weekly for the first six months. By the end with the first yr the infant's weight is all about three times the birth pounds. Height raises by installment payments on your 5 centimeter each month to get the first 6 months. six months time to year 1 development comes in spurts rather than continuous patterns. Brain growth is usually rapid. Head circumference increases approximately 1 ) 5 cm each month, six months time to 1 season by 0. 5 centimeter. By the end of 1 year the cranial assemblee close, the anterior fontanel close within the first almost 8 week plus the posterior fontanel closing simply by 12 to eighteen months.

Maturation of Systems:

• Respiratory: rate slows by 35 at birth to 31 from weeks 1-11 • Immunologic: IgA is present in large amounts offering protection inside the GI tract. Newborn will get significant amounts of maternal IgG starts synthesizing individual at about three months, by 1 year has nearly 40% of adult levels. Significant amounts of IgM are created at birth and adult levels are come to by on the lookout for mos. IgA, IgD and IgE developed more little by little adult levels are not reached until early childhood. • Cardiovascular: heart rate slows coming from 100-180 (resting awake) by newborn to 80-150 following 3 mos. • Hematopoietic: significant alterations occur during the 1st yr fetal Hgb is present in big amounts for the first five mo., with adult Hgb steadily elevating through the very first ½ of infancy. • Digestive: method is premature at birth. The vast majority of digestive method does not commence functions right up until 3 quickly. Digestion happens in the duodenum where pancreatic enzymes and bile set out to break down healthy proteins and excess fat. The immaturity is evident in the appearance of the stool; solid foods are exceeded incompletely separated. • Thermoregulation: during infancy becomes more effective, the ability of the skin to contract along with muscles to shiver. • Renal: premature and predisposes the infant to dehydration. Finish maturity with the kidney occurs during the latter ½ from the 2nd season. • Sensory: Auditory awareness is at adult levels during infancy. Visual acuity begins to improve, and binocular fixation is established. Binocularity, or the hinsicht of two ocular images into one cerebral picture, starts to develop by 6 weeks of age and should be well established by age 4 without difficulty. Depth understanding begins to develop by grow older 7 to 9 several weeks by may well exist earlier as an innate security mechanism against accidental dropping.

|Erikson |Kohlberg |Piaget |Freud | |Psychosocial development – |Premorality or preconventional |Cognitive development – |Oral stage – mouth is satisfaction | |developing sense of trust |morality |sensorimotor period |producer

|Age |Gross motor |Fine motor | |1 – 3 month |Can switch head laterally |Hands mainly closed, knowledge reflex strong| | |Head lag snabel-a 1mo capable to hold head erect when ever |hand clenches on contact @ you mo | | |sitting but still bobs forward snabel-a 3 mos. With |Hands often open up; grasp reflex fades @ 2 quickly. | | |only moderate head separation. |Actively keeps objects, understand reflex absent, | | |...

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